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Acne Scars Ingredient Proves Effective on Healing Pitted Skin

Acne scars are some of the most troubling skin conditions that there are in the world. Consumers who suffer from them can tell you that acne scars can affect every part of your life from personal to professional. These poor people have suffered through acne breakouts only find that on the other side of that, they are left with scarring, some so severe that they last permanently. It is for these consumers that many skin care companies have assembled the latest in scar reducing ingredients in hopes of finding an effective cure. Predominantly, these companies have been unsuccessful; not they have not released these scar creams and treatments; just that the effectiveness of them is less than is desired. One ingredient, however, has proven to change the way that we think about acne scar treatment, and its inclusion in acne scar cream formulas is making the difference so many of us have been waiting for.

For the most part acne scars treatment has consisted of a regular scar healing ingredient and nothing that is specifically designed for acne related scarring. This may seem like a subtle difference to many, but when it comes to treating acne scars, this is not so subtle a difference. Creams primarily used to heal stretch marks or surgical scars, while they have a place in scars creams, should be combined with other ingredients designed specifically for the unique scarring associated with acne.

The thing that acne scarrring needs in order to heal, is to be able to revive damaged or scarred tissue. If a scar cream cannot take a damaged skin cells and restore them to health, then it is not going to heal the uneven skin commonly associated with severe acne scarring. These scars cannot be healed completely without this property. Sure, stimulated new skin cell growth with be very helpful, but without the actual reviving of damaged or dead skin cells, pitted skin or that orange peel look will remain. It is in this process that the active ingredient Collaxyl has stepped up and delivered the results that we have all been waiting for.

Collaxyl, a powerful peptide based ingredient, is making waves due to is tremendous restoring powers. Collaxyl can be applied to a skin cell once, literally only once, and 72 hours later that skin cell will be restored to full health. Pretty amazing stuff. When you combine Collaxyl with other acne related ingredients you all of a sudden get one serious pit removing acne scars cream. While restoring the health of damaged skin cells, these creams simultaneously stimulate new skin cell growth. The result is a powerful formula that allows for the complete healing of acne scars, and scientists and dermatologists worldwide are celebrating them.

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