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How To Get Rid Of A Pimple On Your Nose

Just how do you get rid of a pimple on your nose? Most teenagers when reaching adolescent stage get face acne infection. The nose pimple is by far the worst because when the swelling worsens, it just turn up like a red bulb on top of your nose that others love to watch and make fun with.

90% of teens are not spared from this because of the hormonal change they are undergoing. The excess oil produced during puberty stage mixed with some dead cells, causes your skin pores to clog leading to the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and acne. With a mixture of other bacterias from air debris, a skin allergy infestation can easily begin.

Have you also noticed that when you get stressed up, your face turns so oily. Stress can come from many forms and for teenagers, meeting a crush or preparing for a date can cause so much stress and thus excessive oil is again produced. You’ll just be surprised when you wake up the following morning and feel a big red pimple forming on your nose.

Before you panic and do anything stupid on your nasty zits, consider a few thing. Remember the word “stress” we mentioned earlier? I know it’s hard not to stress yourself form the zit formations on your face but doing so will only cause more of it to appear so, compose yourself and take control.

Your acne is a no-touch zone. This is, in my opinion the most important tip above anything else. Your hand or fingers can be the source of all kinds of bacteria. Bacteria plus oil and dead skin can only cause more pimples on your face and this we don’t want to happen, right. With that in mind, popping the zit is a more prohibited action. You see, popping may eliminate it fast but it will surely leave a scar on your face and the swelling won’t leave too, so a red spot will still remain. In half a days time, a whitehead will return and your skin problem is back to square one. Not the mention the scar you have already created. Remember that this scar is an irreparable damage and can only be fixed if you go on face surgery which I suppose is way out of the story already. Needless to say, scars from pimples should be avoided at all cause.

Washing your face with mild soap always helps clear up the dirt from your face. Although I recommend not to wash your face when your eyes is so stressed. I had to get glasses to improve my eye sight because I washed right after driving long hour. The bright lights at night when driving caused so much stress to my eyes. Just make sure to rest at least one hour or two before washing.

With the red bump forming, you need to reduce the redness and swelling to make it appear less noticeable. A simple trick to do this is by wrapping ice cubes with a foil or cloth and applying it on the affected zone. Ice is a good agent that reduces the blood flow on an injured skin thus reducing the redness. However, it also hastens the healing process so it is highly recommended not to apply the ice for a very long period of time.

Another trick to reduce the swelling is to apply apple cider vinegar on your acne. With just a few drop on your pimple with the apply cider vinegar, it will greatly oxidate the blood and reduce the redness and in a few hours time, the swelling should dramatically reduce. TIP: Taking on a daily basis apple cider vinegar plus honey and water will eliminate any pimples or allergies on your body.

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