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Inflammation and Diet Are Causes of Acne Flareups

So, you now know what causes pimples and you can control it. This is not the redness and inflammation you see when you get a cut, but something going on inside of you, that you can’t see, that could potentially damage your whole system. It is called chronic inflammation, and it is implicated in most severe diseases, and yes it is a cause of acne. When you have chronic inflammation your immune system is not functioning properly.

You might catch colds and flu easily, or it could become an autoimmune disease, or even heart disease, or cancer if left untreated. If you suffer from acne a quick acne treatment would be to change your diet as fast as you can. It’s imperative that you avoid inflammatory foods.

What are inflammatory foods? They are foods that cause acne, among other things.

  • Avoid Fast Food – Mostly because of the omega 6 fats and oils they contain. An excess of omega 6 fats will cause chronic inflammation. Omega 6 fats can be found in corn oil, soy oil, vegetable oil and margarines. Your body needs Omega 6 fats, but they have to be balanced by a good source of omega 3 fats that you can get with a good quality omega 3 fish oil supplement.
  • Avoid anything starchy, including vegetables, pastas, and white rice.
  • Stay away from simple carbohydrates, such as white breads, cookies, cakes, and all junk foods
  • Avoid sugar, it causes weight gain, which is also a cause of inflammation
  • Stay away from corn and anything made from it – It is one of the most inflammatory things you can eat. It is pure starch which rapidly converts to sugar in your body, wrecks your immune system, and causes inflammation rapidly. Read labels carefully, they are putting corn syrup in almost everything these days.

Research studies are ongoing that do prove inflammatory foods which increase blood sugar,play a role in acne inflammation. Fortunately your diet is something you control. Take charge of your health, and get rid of acne.

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