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Can You Cure Your Acne In 3 Days, Is It Really Possible?

There is a lot of hype online about curing your acne in 3 days. This is mostly due to the website Acne Free in 3 Days, which claims to help people clear their skin in just 72 hours…

But is this actually possible?

Well, I’ve tried the infamous 3 day acne cure, and it’s quite interesting…

You see, the 3 day acne program is actually just a 3 day apple fast. Nothing but apples for three whole days! And this approach works by cleaning toxins out from the colon. These toxins are supposedly what causes acne, so getting rid of them cures the condition.

Ok, so now you know the secret to the whole 3 day acne cure. But does it work?

Well, I tried it, and can say that it did help me clear my skin in just three days. But, about a week after I finished the 3 day fast, my acne came back as bad acne ever. So what went wrong?

To cure your acne by simply fasting, you need to do it repeatedly, once or twice every month. Think you could spend 6 days a month eating nothing but apples? And what would that do to your weight? Exactly, which is why I had to give up on fasting to clear my skin, and look to something more practical…

And I did find that PRACTICAL acne cure. It involves changing your diet, such as avoiding vegetable oil. This clears up acne in about the same amount of time as fasting, but is something you can do in the long-term. For more information on clearing your acne visit my website now.

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