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Does Differin Gel Really Work To Clear Acne?

So, you have a case of acne on your skin and you’ve tried a whole lot of home remedies and other things such as over the counter pharmaceutical drugs that cost a whole lot of your money and none of them actually worked. You are now wondering if there is a real treatment out there that can actually clear up your acne. Someone now mentions a treatment called differin gel to you and they claim that it really works and that you should try it out for yourself. The first thing that comes to your mind is, this must be another acne medication that claims to get rid of your acne and does not deliver any results. You really hate your acne and want a way to get rid of it but you don’t want to waste your money again, now what do you do?

You should understand what differin is first before you can really comment on the product. Differin is a trademark name for an acne vulgaris medication which is made by Gladerma Laboratories. The active ingredient used in differin gel is adapalene, it is available in a 45g and 35g tube and both of them contain 0.1% adapalene which is a retinoid like compound, used as the active ingredient.

Differin gel works by modulating the skin cell growth and differentiation and therefore results in the regulation of oil production and reducing acne over a long period of time. The product contains both an exfoliant and a compound that is an anti inflammatory. Studies have shown that differin gel is most effective when used on non-inflamed acne. The product will give a lot better results if a benzoyl peroxide wash is used in the morning and in the night along with benzoyl peroxide lotion being applied in the morning only and the differin gel used at night only.

As far as if differin gel really works to clear up acne the answer would have to be yes, however you should be aware it may take a long period of time to work but it does clear up the acne. A lot of people may say that differin gel worked for them and others may say that it does not work but you have to keep in mind that everyone is different. It may be that differin gel may work faster on some than on others, so if you find that you and your friend are both using the product and your friend’s acne has already started to clear up and yours has not give it some more time before you say that the product does not work.

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