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Isolaz Acne Treatment

Isolaz acne treatment is a new laser technology that is used to treat acne rosacea and age spots. The brain behind this new treatment is The Aesthera Corporation. This type of treatment is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat both comedonal and pustular acne. It is effective for both mild and moderate inflammatory acne.

This treatment clears your pores and keeps the open thereby preventing the accumulation of excess fats that are normally responsible for the disease. A recent survey on this new treatment revealed that about 64 percent of acne patients had at least a 75 percent reduction in acne lesions after using the product. Although Isolaz acne treatment is not very effective in treating cystic acne, it is effective in treating papular, pustular, comedonal and nodular types of the disease.

This new treatment uses the photopneumatic technology; it involves combining the use of a laser and a vacuum suction to clear the pores on your skin. Pneumatic energy is used to loosen, break up and remove dirt from the pores. A laser is then used to kill bacteria that may be left. This product can help you clear pimples within 24 to 28 hours. This treatment can help in cases where other types of treatment have failed.

Isolaz acne treatment helps to reduce the amount of oil produced. It also helps to quickly clear any residual redness. When using this product, a session lasts about 10 minutes and there is no need for an anesthesia. No side effects have been reported for this kind of treatment. This product is also used to repair sun-damaged skin, brown age spots and can also help clear up broken capillaries caused by rosacea.

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