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Lose That Chin Acne Now!

Chin acne can be particularly painful, apart from being unsightly, right up there at the ‘front’ of your face. It is particularly difficult if the bumps or lesions release pus or leave scars and they can be painful as well.

Is it any different from other acne? What can you do to fix chin acne?

The problem with chin acne can be just as bad for adults too because the issue is one that has a tendency to change as hormonal changes occur. In fact, it is hormonal changes that leads to most chin acne, starting with puberty and the premenstrual cycles, which lead to significant hormonal changes in the body.

Chin acne is, however, like any other acne in that it results from oil clogging the pores of the skin. Then bacteria develops, which can lead to the unsightly red or white ‘bumps’ that accompany the acne breakout and which lead to the often painful side effects.

You need to know what environmental factors might be contributing to the chin acne, which will mainly be issues relating to diet, clothing and cleaning. Most importantly is to know your skin type in order to properly treat it. Is your skin normal, dry, oily? As always, before applying any topical or other medication, ensure you know what the side effects may be and take into account your own medical situation and history.

You should keep your chin clean by washing with a gentle cleanser. Frequently the use of an exfoliator will also be used followed by a good moisturizer, which should be oil-free, in order to remove the lesions from the chin region and remove the bacteria that contaminate and occupy the acne area on the chin.

Sometimes chin acne will be more difficult to cure than using cleansers and exfoliators and this may require consultation with a dermatologist. If that is the case then there are a whole variety of medications that might be prescribed.

As always, my mandate it two fold with these issues: First, be aware of any side effects from any medication you take and Second, make your first preference the ‘natural’ one where you adopt natural remedies wherever possible.

The best solution is always the most natural possible. In fact, the usually prescribed medication will be a vitamin A derivative and some of these are very good. I’m going to write about some natural cures or treatments for chin acne in the second part of this article, but the first thing you should do is keep the chin clean and wash it at least twice daily with a good, natural cleanser and use a good exfoliator.

Importantly, you must keep to your routine and don’t panic about the bumps or lesions, particularly if they don’t disappear as soon as you start your routine of cleaning and exfoliating. You need a good plan and you need to first do your homework on your skin type and then do the best you can with the basic cleansing routine before you start ‘getting heavy’ with more heavy duty medications or routines, as referred to in more detail at

You will undoubtedly see an improvement straight away, but you must keep at it.

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