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Why Is Acne Increased During Pregnancy?

The body, as a direct result of pregnancy, experiences such a vast array of changes in only a short amount of time, leaving you often confused and concerning about why is acne increased during pregnancy. For those of you that constantly worry about the onset of cancer or other extremely serious conditions during your pregnancy can relax a small bit and try to understand that increased acne activity is actually normal during a pregnancy.

While pregnant, your body is changing and growing from the moment of conception and along with all that growing and changing comes new and different experiences. The fluid levels, hormones, anti-bodies, etc. are all at such elevated levels during a pregnancy, that at times one of the results is acne. Because of the raised levels of hormones in the woman’s body, acne becomes almost second nature, and during the pregnancy, most acne medications are explicitly off limits for the health and safety of the unborn child.

When explaining the hormones level as a reason why is acne increased during pregnancy, doctors attempt to make it understandable how the level of hormones in your body are responsible for this uncomfortable change. Also regulating the intensity and the surety of experiencing acne during your pregnancy, is the fact of whether or not you suffer from acne regularly during the course of your normal menstruating cycle. If you suffer from acne or small break outs during each of your periods, chances are you are going to experience an elevated to extreme bout of acne during your pregnancy.

Treatment of acne during your pregnancy is narrowed down to only a few options as opposed to the multitude of options available to those that are not pregnant. Because this significantly lessens the treatment field, two of the main choices available that are healthy for your pregnancy are changing your daily diet and your exercise regimen. Doctors and specialists have found that diet and exercise are most often directly linked to some of the main causes of acne, and by changing the type of foods you normally ingest in a day, or simply by beginning or expanding your current exercise routine, you could be well on your way to acne free skin. Consult your doctor and get the basics on why is acne increased during pregnancy and the best treatment options available for your use. Make sure to inform your doctor or dermatologist you are pregnant (if you are) before you discuss treatment plans, as most of the medicines, in both gel and foam forms are dangerous to your pregnancy.

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