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10 Signs You Could Have Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects so many women around the world and many of them are not even aware they have the condition. They experience abnormal conditions within their body and when they consult a doctor about them, they are often dismissed as basic female conditions that are “normal”. Some woman can carry the condition for years without realising they have it. When women try and have a baby and are unsuccessful over many months, they consult a Gynaecologist. It is only at this stage, that many women actually discover they have the condition.

There are plenty of signs that you could have Endometriosis, before the condition becomes out of hand and out of control.

1. Period Pain

This is the first really obvious sign that there is something out of balance within the body. It is okay to have occasional bouts of period pain but when it becomes a matter of routine that you endure on the first days of every month’s period, this is not normal. When we have our period, we should notice that it is there but we should definitely not be experiencing pain to the point where we need to take pain killers or ibuprofen.

2. What comes out

The second sign of Endometriosis is recognising what your period looks like. It should be a runny consistency and of a normal red blood colour. Woman with Endometriosis will often experience dark, stale looking blood and lumps within their period. It can often be stringy or even sticky. This is can be a sign of Endometriosis.

3. PMS

Severe feeling of premenstrual symptoms usually associated with pain during this time. The abdominal area becomes quite swollen, to the point where a dress size is often gained in water retention. Emotional instability is also common during this time along with sore breasts, frequency of needing to go the toilet and diarrhea symptoms. The diarrhea symptoms are usually experienced quite strongly and frequently by Endometriosis sufferers. They are usually experienced 2 days before the period is due and can add to pain as cramping is also associated with it.

4. The Bladder

Due to the pressure experienced by water retention within the body and the Endometriosis creating pain and pressure, the bladder is often a sign of imbalance. The pressure of how we urinate is often more of a trickle and has to often be pushed along to come out. We are prone to bladder infections, especially after intercourse. The frequency of needing to urinate is often higher in Endometriosis sufferers, so one can expect to need to go to the toilet every 2hrs. Frequency is often increased before, during and after the monthly period.

5. Digestion

The digestive system is usually under strain as Endometriosis is largely due to an underactive liver function. Endometriosis sufferers are often sensitive to fatty foods and are likely to struggle more with fatty diets. Allergies and sensitivities to food are also common due to poor liver function and therefore a lowered immunity. Endometriosis sufferers will often experience a “noisy tummy”. Rumbling, gasiness and other digestive functions.

6. Low immune system and allergies

Endometriosis sufferers are prone to allergies, food sensitivities and skin sensitivities. They are likely to have at least one ailment which is often considered unrelated by doctors. Skin rashes, hay fever, eye allergies or sensitivity and wheat or gluten intolerance are quite often seen in Endometriosis sufferers. We are also prone to catching a cold or stomach bugs.

7. Feeling tired and listless

Endometriosis sufferers are often tired and can feel quite listless. This is closely linked to the liver function and can easily be fixed with proper diet. Endometriosis sufferers can often not cope with being overworked or being in highly stressful environments. They are likely to struggle with ongoing pressures, especially time pressures.

8. Emotional Fluctuations

Due to high levels of Estrogen and Progesterone within Endometriosis sufferers, we can often experience extreme emotions. We can be really happy one minute and really sad the next. This can be attributed to Endometriosis or hormonal imbalance within the body.

9. Soreness in the shoulders

This is obviously not a key sign of Endometriosis but if the above symptoms have already been identified, this one will add as another symptom. During time of menstruation, especially after menstruation, it is common to experience a tension in the shoulders and neck. This is aggravated by the emotional fluctuations within the body but is also due to a lowered magnesium and zinc level in the body. It is a meridian which is out of balance related to the Endometriosis.

10. Tummy sensitivity

Heartburn, indigestion and soreness in the stomach are also common with Endometriosis sufferers. This is because the liver and stomach are closely related. It is common for Endometriosis sufferers to feel nausea, especially around that time of the month. Unfortunately, strong pain killers and other medication doesn’t help heal this element and doctors often assume it is unrelated. Diet and controlling Endometriosis will fix the tummy soreness and tenderness.

Endometriosis is a debilitating condition and affects so many of our organs. It is often hard to express to doctors and family what we are really experiencing. Many of these symptoms may also appear unrelated to Endometriosis and the danger is to try and focus on each symptom and each organ, rather than realising they are all part of the same line. All organs are ultimately related to each other and work together to allow the body to function normally. A holistic approach is therefore required to heal the body as a whole, focusing on all the organs responsible for the condition of Endometriosis.

Please note, these are common symptoms of Endometriosis but may also be signs of other conditions. Treating the body holistically will alleviate many other conditions they do have these symptoms. It is however advisable to establish the exact condition you have before applying specific healing treatments.

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