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5 Ways to Prevent Diaper Rashes and Ulcers in the Elderly

There are different challenges when it comes to managing incontinence. One of the most often overlooked but potentially serious is that of skin care. The skin that can be affected by incontinence is delicate and can easily be damaged by frequent exposure to urine and fecal matter. In addition, many incontinence sufferers are elderly which means that their skin is at much higher risk. Not only is this a comfort issue but when elderly skin has broken down it can put many patients with a fragile health status at risk for potentially life threatening infections.

This makes it crucial that both incontinence sufferers and their caregivers (if applicable), know what they can do to prevent diaper rashes and ulcers. When the skin of the incontinence sufferer is cared for not only will they be more comfortable but their overall health will be better. Here are 5 ways to prevent diaper rashes and ulcers in the elderly.

• Take extra care with bedridden patients – If the person with incontinence is bedridden then extra care needs to be taken to prevent adult diaper rash and ulcers from happening. Many times bedridden patients are left in incontinence undergarments for long time. Combined with pressure on the skin from being bedridden, this can cause adult diaper rash or even a skin ulcer to form. Caregivers need to make sure that bedridden patients are changed and moved frequently to prevent this problem.

• Change the incontinence product frequently – Health experts recommend that anyone with incontinence make sure that they are changing their incontinence product frequently. This is true whether you are using an incontinence pad or an adult diaper. When the incontinence product is changed frequently, it helps to cut down on the time that delicate skin is exposed to moisture and bacteria that can bring on adult diaper rash.

• Try different kinds of incontinence supplies – If the elderly person is at risk for adult diaper rash and ulcers then it can be helpful to try different incontinence products. Today, there are many types of incontinence supplies on the market. This makes it convenient to try several different types until the right one is found. Keep in mind that some incontinence supplies have perfumes, chemicals, and dyes in them that can easily irritate the delicate skin. Trying different incontinence products allows the patient and the caregiver to find the right one to manage incontinence effectively.

• Use barrier methods to protect skin – There is also another effective step that you can take to make sure that the elderly loved one in your care is being protected from rash and ulcers. There are creams that are specially made to protect delicate, older skin from adult diaper rash. These skin creams can be purchased on sites that offer adult incontinence products. In addition, many people use talcum powder to help keep elderly skin dry and protected from urinary and fecal matter. Both of these methods can reduce the risk of adult diaper rash and ulcers in the elderly.

• See a doctor if a rash develops – If adult diaper rash is developed by an elderly patient and cannot be quickly cleared up, he or she should see the doctor. While rash seems to not be serious it can be the gateway for more critical problems like ulcers. Everything should be done to prevent adult diaper rash from developing and if it does and it cannot be treated at home then medical care should be sought out immediately. This is the best way to be proactive about making sure that further skin problems do not occur.

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