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Cat Litter – How to Tell If You Are Allergic to Cat Litter and What You Can Do to Stop the Allergy

Both cats and people can be allergic to cat litter. However, this allergy is often overlooked and misdiagnosed. If you have had persistent allergy symptoms and have been unable to identify a cause, then consider the possibility that you may be allergic to the litter that your cat is using. Fortunately, if this is the case, the issue is easy to treat.

Symptoms to cat litter allergies is the same as any other allergies. You can be sneezing, have a running nose and red itchy eyes. The same goes for your cat. One thing for sure is that these symptoms tend to get worse whenever you are around your kitty’s litter or your cat as it may be having some of the litter on its body. If that is so, then chances are, you are allergic to the kitty litter that you are using and not other allergies.

By far, the most common types of irritants found in itters are clay-based and silica dust. Make sure these are not found within the kitty litter you are currently using by checking the labels on the litterbags. If so, simply switch to another and you would likely see an immediate improvement in your symptoms.

However, there are people who are allergic even to non-dusty cat litter and if so, then avoid getting too close to the litter boxes in your house. Isolate the little box in a confined area where you would less likely be going. Also as cats is likely to have some cat litter dust on their body, it’s best that you avoid rubbing your nose against its fur or shower your cat more often to keep him free from litter dust as much as possible.

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