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Discoid Lupus: Causes And Management

Lupus, a disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack itself has recently become the subject of many medical researchers. Governments and private medical facilities including pharmaceutical companies are dedicating resources t finding a cure or proper management for the disease. Lupus has many forms and Discoid lupus is only one form of the disease. This type of disease is confined to the skin; here skin cells begin to attack each other causing an inflammation commonly characterized by painful sores and boils. The disease is more common in men than in women, out of every ten cases of this form of lupus, eight are women. There have been no reasons or causes for this rate yet to be conclusively established in the medical world.

Discoid lupus commonly affects the skin surrounding the face. This is perhaps because the face is almost constantly exposed to various facets of nature. The patients develop lesions that are red in color around the ears, nose and forehead. However, it should be noted that other parts of the body are also likely to develop lesions especially as the disease progresses. One of the ways to differentiate sores caused by lupus is that they are not only extremely painful but also seem to spread further instead of healing. During the advanced stages, this form of lupus often develops into systematic lupus, a form of lupus in which the internal organs begin to fight themselves. Like any other form of lupus, erythematosus can be diagnosed through skin biopsies.

With the advancements being made in medical research and in specific, understanding the causes and management of lupus, Discoid lupus has become easier to deal with. Patients who have not been adversely affected can be provided with specially designed skin drugs and injection that help the immune system in the skin get back on track. In addition to this, patients with this form of lupus that is quite sensitive to the sun are often advised to keep away from sunlight and use UVA light protection at all times.

Like any other disease, proper and early diagnosis is essential for proper and successful management. If a biopsy returns positive results for discoid lupus erythematosus, it is often advisable to have more blood tests taken to gauge the extent of the disease and hence the proper treatment method.

Lupus is a disease that is yet to be understood fully in the medical world, however, there are some experts emerging on the diagnosis, treatment and categorization of the same. Managing any form of lupus can be quite tasking, but the important thing to focus on is the return of the body immune system to perfection. Lupus exposes the patient to many foreign and complicated diseases and this is why proper care and successful treatment is paramount. Medical experts and researchers are still working on finding more affordable cures and medicine for people suffering from any form of lupus. For the meanwhile, they agree that proper and sensitive care is paramount for the patients.

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