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Dry Skin Rash – 4 Easy Steps to Transform Skin Rash

You can change the condition of your skin rash by changing the foods that you eat. The reason why you suffer with dry skin rash is because of toxemia and deficiency.

Toxemia is where your body is overwhelmed with toxins. Toxins are formed when you eat foods that are impure, unnatural, processed or chemicalized. When you eat the right foods on a regular basis your body will eliminate the stored poisons which will enable it to absorb life changing nutrients from the food you eat. This in turn will strengthen your immune system.

Deficiency as you may or may not know is where your body is undernourished because it is not receiving the proper types and quantity of the foods that it needs. The digestive tract is overloaded and therefore allergies and disorders results. By eating the correct foods your body will become better nourished and in a better position to self heal.

Here are 4 easy steps to transform Skin Rash:

Tip #1

Eliminate all chemicals, alcohol and tobacco from your diet. If you can do this with immediate effect then all the better for your health. If not, you should decrease the amounts you consume over a period of time. So if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day you should try cutting down to say 15 cigarettes per day in week one and then 10 cigarettes per day in week two.

Continue until you have totally eliminated it from your lifestyle.

Tip #2

Eliminate all processed foods. This includes white flour, junk foods and all cooked foods. If you find it difficult to give up all cooked food then reduce the amount you consume to about 10% of all foods that you eat.

Tip #3

Cut out all red meats from your diet. Replace red meats with fish, chicken and turkey. If you eat meat on a daily basis, you could perhaps reduce your consumption to every other day initially.

Tip #4

Increase the amount of live foods that you eat where possible. For instance instead of white sugar substitute with raw honey, raisins and dates. Instead of white flour substitute with whole grain.

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