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Dry Skin Rash – Cure With A Colon Cleanse

You could take a colon cleanse by purchasing an enema kit, or you could go to a colon irrigation specialist where you lie for half an hour and you go through a colon irrigation service. Or you could take a herbal bowel cleansing juice, it’s usually a liquid and herbal and it doesn’t contain any chemicals or any preservatives. Within seven days of taking your bowel cleanse, you will notice that your skin starts to change. And that’s because you’ll get rid of all the acidity in your body. There’s no point in taking a laxative; a laxative doesn’t work. You need to take a proper bowel cleanse. A good bowel cleanse will reduce the toxic loads in your body. And if your bowel cleanse is sulfur rich, which contains loads of compounds, compounds that you could find in cabbages and onions and garlic, it will be extremely cleansing for you.

The number two thing I suggest that you do is then, after your bowel cleanse is to take a liver cleanse. The liver is another big organ that causes eczema in the system. If your liver is malfunctioning, it cannot metabolize the toxins or the pesticides or the chemicals or the waste residue that you’ve taken into your body.

By the way, did you know there was a research study done on a pregnant mother. When her delivered, her child was suffering from eczema? And they did some tests on her umbilical cord, and they found 3,000 chemicals in her umbilical cord. And that’s why a lot of children suffer from eczema from birth. They’re lying in a sea of chemical waste.

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