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Eczema Relief Tips – Coconut to Cure Rash and Itchy Skin

Are you a sufferer of Eczema? If so it may surprise you to know that you can gain considerable relief from it just by a few changes to your everyday lifestyle. I’ve laid out some tips below, so put them into place today to start getting ahead!

Use Coconut Oil

Many people would have you believe these days that coconut oil is just about the healthiest thing in the whole world. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but there are certainly many benefits being reported by eczema sufferers. Coconut oil contains something called Lauric Acid, which is only found in one other place-human breast milk. The human and soothing qualities of this substance are pretty powerful-apply coconut oil to the areas affected by Eczema, and you will see exactly how powerful it can be.

Get Some Vitamin E Cream

Vitamin E is great when applied directly affected Eczema areas, as it has proven anti microbial qualities. This doesn’t mean too much to most people, but certain microbes and bacteria are thought to be responsible for a large percentage of the itching and discomfort from Eczema, so removing them with Vitamin E can really bring some relief. Also, it’s worth noting that synthetic vitamin E will not have the same benefits as a natural version.

Moisturize your skin

To put it bluntly, the more moisture there is in your skin, the less it can split and crack and itch and flake. In an eczema sufferer, the further you can get from these things the better. As a general rule, the more you can moisturize the better, but as a minimum twice a day should give you some real gains. It’s best to moisturize immediately after bathing, dab yourself dry with a soft towel and apply the moisturizer directly to damp skin. This will help you lock the moisturizer into the skin, and give you even greater benefits.

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