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How to Cure Dermatitis Or Skin Rash

You have to know it is imperative to cover your cuts. Even if it is just a scrape, you should also take care of it. Why cover the wound? In simple sense, this will give sufficient protection while it heals. As a word of advice, you never want to cover them with plain cloth or gauze. This is because they will get attached to the wound and is hard to remove later on.

The solution to this is to use a special bandage called ‘Telfa’. Usually, you will find that adhesive bandages have the ‘Telfa’ material. As a bonus tip, you should always purchase a bigger piece of ‘Telfa’ and divide them into pieces using a pair of scissors.

First, enclose your wound with the ‘Telfa’ pad. Then you should use the adhesive tape to ensure the pad does not move about. Did you know cleaning your wound is not enough and that it is still prone to infections? So many people make the mistake of putting on a bandage and just leave it for many days to come. But this is a costly mistake! In fact, you should always remove your bandage once a day and wash it with soap with water.

After cleaning your wound, you should then cover it with a brand new bandage. People would often think that the forming of scab is good. What is a scab? Scab is the rough, dark surface that forms during the healing process of a cut or scrape. However, this is a myth. It is not good for you. Why is this? You would want a moist and wet surface instead of a dry one (like scab). You would ask why the moist. The answer to this is that it will speed up healing and help against scarring.

On the other hand, if scab does form, do not attempt to scratch it! This will only interrupt the skin structure and promote infection. What is the solution then? You should always soak the scab with a solution of white vinegar and water. Note that this solution is a little acidic. It might sting for a while but it helps destroys the bacteria.

Doctors always advise patients to use a water or petrolatum recipe at night before sleep. After washing the wound properly, you should then cover it with ‘Vaseline’ to lock the moist. They also advise that an amount of air circulation is important to heal the wound. Last of all, you should always cover the wound with the bandage in such a way that it fits. You would not want it to be so tight or too loose.

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