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Natural Acne Remedies – 5 Must Know Skin Care Tips

One of the best natural acne treatments is great skin care.

Of course, the thing about natural acne remedies is that they attack the root of the problem comprehensively, so skin care is only one aspect, albeit an important one. Here are five great skin care tips:

First, do not pop pimples. This can lead to scarring, and you want to clear your skin, not damage it permanently! It is much better to let the blemish heal naturally in the long run, despite the temptation for instant removal.

Second, be sparing in your use of astringents. While these can be useful for very oily skin do not overuse them, and only use them on those parts of your skin that are very oily.

Third, use only very mind soap, and do not clean your skin too often. Twice a day should be enough, and one of those times should be just before you go asleep at night.

Fourth, avoid direct sunlight unless you are using a non-oily sun block. Despite what you may have heard, while this may look and feel like it is helping, it’s not. Skin which is prone to acne is more sensitive to the sun, so be careful as you can easily overexpose your skin, with detrimental effects.

Fifth, be careful with shaving. Ideally, use an electric razor, and do not apply too much pressure to try to get the closest shave. If you insist on using a blade, use a safety razor. Spend some time softening the stubble by soaking a facecloth with warm water and covering the area you are going to shave. Then shave gently in the direction of the hair growth.

Natural acne remedies involve more than just good skin care, but with these tips you are part of the way to clear skin permanently!

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