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Skin Tags In the Groin

Groin tags can be a sensitive subject, literally! These harmless growths often grow on either side of the groin of someone who is middle-aged. For some reason, these skin lesions are similar but not exactly the same as skin tags in the vaginal or genital area. It is thought that this tendency toward polyps is inherited. These tags can be a bit embarrassing to a man trying to have an active sex life. They often have to explain that the tags are not contagious–that they are just skin that is overgrown. These growths can affect anyone of any age, but mostly they occur in older individuals. They simply just create problems. These androchrons can be the same color as the surround skin or they can be darker. It does not come from being dirty or having a disease necessarily.

There are several reasons polyps exist. It is commonly thought that the growths appear where skin rubs together. These skin tags often appear in the fold of the groin. It has been suggested that among other things diabetes or some other disease such as the human papilloma 6 and 11 may be involved. The growths allegedly pose no risk of cancer. It just grows excessive skin. This excessive skin can be irritated when friction occurs. If the skin tags gets bigger some men may worry that they have warts which are an indicator of cervical cancer. A dermatologists can remove these, and can have the removed appendages sent to a lab to confirm or deny the presence of a cancerous growth.

There are several good reasons these growths are removed. One is that they cause discomfort during sex. They can become irritated and twisted and can cause some sensitivity. They can also tear and bleed.Where can groin growths be removed? Groin skin tags can be removed in a physicians office. The patient is given a local. There are several ways skin tags can be removed. It can be removed by surgical excursion. This is where you surgically remove the tumor from the skin. The second way you can remove the skin tags is by surgical litigation. This occurs when a piece of fiber is tied around the growth, and is just allowed to drop off from lack of blood. The third way to get rid of skin tags is to freeze them off. This is known as cryotherapy which hurts initially, but probably hurts less than the other methods of removal. This only takes a few seconds (about 20). Removal of the growth make take two or three more visits to the doctor if they are very large.

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