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The Effect of Ringworm Itch in A Physical and Emotional Aspect

Physical Torture

Ringworm that is associated by an itch is one of the devastating skin diseases for it does not choose a good place to spread its harmful infection in the wholeness of the body. It might grow in sensitive areas that have the higher risk on the health of the person. These certain body parts that are embarrassing to scratch are the groin, vagina, breast and buttocks. Since the ringworm is contagious and grows rapidly, it may damage the area where it is located. It may cover the whole body when not managed properly.

The ringworm itch has its disadvantages that are being burdened by the person. In the case of ringworm which grows anywhere, its main symptom itchiness when scratched creates a wound that might get infected when untreated. The tendency to scratch is unavoidable since it is the instant reaction of our body when feeling the itch. After a wound has resulted out from the scratching that sometimes done unconsciously even without looking on the affected part, a manifestation of infection occur. As the infection runs in the affected area and deeply penetrates inside the body, the person who is experiencing this process is suffering from pain.

A simple ringworm itch that resulted to a wound limits the person in doing other things using the affected part. When the ringworm is on the hand, the person having the condition has a trouble in doing the dishes, washing clothes or any manual labor. In the workplace, the person might have a hard time doing some office works like emailing, typing, arranging documents or files in the filing cabinet or to sign any papers.

If the itch of ringworm is around the toes, the person might have a difficulty walking on his or her shoes, sandal or slippers on. They might have a hard time going into places. Their travel is only limited while they suffer in pain in every step they make. Others who have a severe case of ringworm in the foot might not be able to walk at all. This will stop them in having their meetings to business comrades, clients or prospects.

The pain is always present in all the damage that has been done that was caused only by a ringworm itch. The effect of ringworm is not only seen outside the body but the scar it could give you emotionally adds more damage.

Mental Pain

The ringworm itch and pain are not that easy to tolerate. The body tolerance of each person differs from each other. There are people who are sensitive to pain and don’t have a strong threshold. The tolerance of pain could be connected to what type of personality a person has. Introverts are overly sensitive to pain. They feel almost anything from what’s going on around them and what’s happening inside their body. They tend to focus that is sometimes a disadvantage more than an advantage especially in dealing with pain which is opposite in people who are extroverts. Extroverts feel the pain less in those people who are introverts. Their mind is not focused on the pain they are feeling but to people that surrounds them. They are happy and outgoing which is different from introverts who are lonely and aloof.

The ideas that came rushing in the mind of the person having the disease are quite negative. The severity of their condition and pain influence their feelings. They may think of any unhappy thoughts as they experience the agony of the situation. Having these thoughts will make them feel depressed, frustrated, angry etc.

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