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Thyroid Diagnosis – Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

It is a known fact that some thyroid disorders have a hidden manifestation. Some thyroid problems can give vague signals which are very hard to diagnose and can be confused with other conditions. It takes a watchful sufferer or a patient to realize that something is wrong with their body and so the need to see a doctor or a specialist.

The first sign to look out for in a thyroid problem is weight gain or weight loss, depending on the specific problem. People that have a malfunction of hormones as a result of thyroid disorder can either become too thin or too fat. If you experience weight lost or sudden weight gain, this can signal a gland problem.

Another way to tell in the absence of a proper diagnosis is to take a closer look at the skin of your elbows or of your knees. People who suffer from such illness have a dry skin in those regions that is exfoliating or has small wrinkles of cracks. In sever conditions, the skin can even bleed and be very painful. At first it can start with only a mild dry skin on those areas. It is better to take a thyroid test if you notice something like this on your body. A further sign can be inexplicable hair loss and dry scalp, so if you have dandruff all the time, it may not just be problem with your shampoo brand.

You can also tell if you have a thyroid problem by looking at your family medical history. Suspecting an illness of this kind should mostly be based on research. See if it runs in your family; did your grandmother have it, your mother, father, sisters, etc. Sometimes the condition can even be passed on from fathers to their daughters, although this is not very common.

Sleeping disorders are another sign of a problematic thyroid. You find that you just can’t get enough of sleep, or you just find it difficult to sleep; these can be as a result of a larger or smaller quantity of hormones in your body. Insomnia or the impossibility to sleep show signs of bad quantities in hormone replacement.

Having the constant sensation of cold or chills with no reason can be a signal of thyroid problem. In people with hyperthyroidism, the body can lose heat a lot faster than in a healthy person. Because of this, most of the heat that the body preserved is eliminated, thus causing chills.

Hypothyroidism is another thyroid disorder which can give people the sensation of feeling too hot. The body becomes overheated because it can not process and eliminate energy fast. To protect itself, the body sweats. People with this condition may wake up in the middle of the night and think they were sleep walking in the pool.

The symptoms of a thyroid problem usually begin slowly. Most of the time people simply ignore them. If diagnosed on time and treated early, many of the diseases that the thyroid causes when malfunction, can be easily cured.

One of the worst conditions, and symptoms also, that a bad thyroid causes are swelled feet. The veins may begin to bulge out and might brake under the skin causing very sharp pains with ugly look. Because the blood is no longer flowing as it should, it can lead to a heart condition.

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