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Consumer Anti Wrinkle Cream Reports – Dr Oz and Dr Acai Review

Some of the latest consumer reports on the most recent anti wrinkle creams which are now available on the market were recently reviewed by Dr Oz, America’s celebrity medical expert and Dr Acai – or Mr Pericone – famous in the field of dermatology.

This year has seen many NEW anti-wrinkle creams hit the shelves and now after their initial release, a consumer review was conducted by both these two Doctors in relation to how these creams have fared and the effects they have had on consumers who have been applying these latest serums to help eliminate wrinkles.

What these new anti-wrinkle creams have in common are some of the latest anti-oxidants which skin experts argue can offer potentially the same results as a wrinkle filling shot.

Laced with Acai, Resveratrol, Amino vitamins and minerals along with the latest peptide technology known as Pentepeptide-Compound-3, both Dr Oz and Dr Acai suggest consumer reports have been extremely positive.

Skin experts involved in this new anti-wrinkle technology state that they are not surprised as some of these ingredients contain the highest ORAC value of any plant type ever tested scientists, which means that they offer the greatest strength at replenishing your free-radicals.

Free-radicals are found in the air, water and food we ingest and however healthy our lifestyle there is no avoiding these everyday toxins.

Therefore, why consumers – mainly in the U.S – have offered such refreshing feedback, dermatologists argue is that so many of the previous serums in the market are unable to get right into your facial tissue like an injection can.

What these new anti-wrinkle creams can achieve manufacturers state, is the ability to delve much deeper into your facial tissue, instructing the growth of collagen through their new peptide technology.

Collagen is KEY

Collagen is KEY as it is the structural support of your skin.

When levels are high your skin will be tight and firm but when levels dip, you loose that support and wrinkles are born.

With their new technology, consumers have reported that this new peptide compound appears to offer quicker, stronger and longer lasting effects through a reduced application.

Peptides are integral at instructing the growth of collagen as they are your chemical messengers which determine how much collagen is produced.

By combining such rich and highly concentrated anti-oxidants combined with this new peptide technology – deep within your damaged skin tissue – doctors argue,  will match most wrinkl- filling shots – just without the needle!

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