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Is Freeze Anti Wrinkle Cream Better Than Botox?

The question is one that haunts wrinkle sufferers day in and day out: is freeze anti wrinkle cream better than cosmetic surgery? To be frank, yes it is better. Why is it better? Just take a look at the 3 reasons below to find out.

1. No Discomfort and No Pain

It’s true that there may not be a whole lot of pain with cosmetic surgery, but no surgery can be referred to as “painless”. Why? Because there is always some sort of pain involved, be it after or during the treatment. Aside from that, just think about all the discomfort that accompanies such a treatment — painkillers, limited facial movements, sun glasses, temporary loss of muscle control, etc.

Do you know how much pain and discomfort comes with applying a freeze anti wrinkle cream? None and none! You won’t have to follow a strict guideline to make sure the treatment remains effective, you won’t lose control of your muscles, and you won’t feel an ounce of pain. You simply apply the cream and watch your wrinkles fade away, thats it!

2. WAY Less Costly

If you thought botox injections or a face lift was a simple procedure that cost only a hundred bucks or so, you couldn’t be more wrong. Such procedures can cost thousands of dollars and really put a ding in your bank account. A freeze anti wrinkle cream, on the other hand, will cost a tiny, tiny fraction of that for continued use. Honestly, which option sounds better to you: a couple thousand dollars upfront (each year) or just $30-80 every couple of months?

3. No Missed Work

With a freeze anti wrinkle cream, you will never have to call in sick and miss work. Can the same be said for cosmetic surgery? No, because these treatments require a person to plan ahead and make “arrangements” for the procedure. This will never be the case with anti wrinkle freeze cream because all you do is apply it and go about your day as you normally would. No appointments, no down time, and no misunderstandings — just effective wrinkle removal achieved with the help of freeze anti wrinkle cream.

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