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Wrinkle Creams – Broken Promises and Lies

As the anti-aging and wrinkle cream industry grows increasingly more competitive, wrinkle creams have begun to make outlandish promises.  Making claims of reducing years off your face in a matter of minutes or weeks, it seems that there is nothing that a wrinkle cream company will not stoop to, in an effort to earn your hard earned money.  Consumers are hopeful that these creams will provide what they say they will, only to be left feeling silly for believing it.  The author investigates wrinkle cream companies and the unrealistic promises they make to consumers.  

We have all heard of wrinkle creams that promise to remove wrinkles in as little as 7 minutes or even worse, instantly.  And while these creams and serums may swell the skin giving it a smoother appearance, the reality is that these results do not last for longer than a few hours.  While these claims are certainly false and a bit ridiculous, it is not really these promises that has this author all fired up about wrinkle creams and their blatant lies.  It is the promises that they make to consumers who are looking for actual therapeutic wrinkle solutions, purchasing these products because they promise to remove 5 years of age within a two week period.

A mega-sized skin care company is the latest to step into this category.  It is surprising that a company of that size and stature would make such false claims.  There is no doubt that their product will make you look better and there is no doubt that most leading wrinkle creams will shave years off your appearance, but these things take time.  Most of results achieved in the first few weeks happen on the lowest levels of your skin and are often times barely visible in the mirror.  Yet companies like Avon make these outrageous claims that condition consumers to expect these types of results from a wrinkle cream.

And what is worse is that consumers seldom know exactly what a wrinkle is, let alone how it heals.  What they know is that companies all over the internet and now larger companies on TV are making these claims that must be the measuring stick of an effective wrinkle cream.  As an industry expert this misinformation is not only bothersome, it only leads to increased frustration and continued shopping for a new wrinkle solution, which is most likely the objective.  Consumers need to understand the importance of finding a high quality product line and continuing the use of those products for months.

It is only when you have consistent application of the best anti-aging ingredients that you will see the results that you want to see.  A wrinkle cream company can make the claims that they will reduce your age by 5 years in 14 days because they can reduce your wrinkles by a % of both depth and length that is equivalent to 5 years of damage.  But that does not mean that you will see this change in the mirror.  And if you don’t see it in the mirror, no one else will notice the difference either.  The best wrinkle creams are not found in your local stores, at least not yet, and the most concentrated treatments are usually found on the internet.

While the best brands may promise some rapid or even drastic results in short periods of time, as a consumer you should be prepared to use these products for well over 2 months.  A time frame of at least 90 days of using a wrinkle cream or age defying serum is the minimum to see the results that you are actually hoping to receive.  While you will be able to tell that the product is working well before that, the real results will be seen at that point and not before.  All the promises in the world don’t mean a thing if they are unrealistic, and unfortunately for consumers, now even major companies are contributing to the problem, not eliminating it.

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